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Workers Comp Lawyer in Charleston and Getting Hurt at Work

workers comp and getting hurt at work

How people get hurt on the job is a major concern to insurance companies. People who get hurt on the job file under worker compensation laws and cost insurance companies a lot of money. So it seems quite obvious why insurance companies aren’t all that eager to pay you a fair price when you get… read more

Why You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Charleston

Why You Need A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer In Charleston

Not every worker who is injured on the job needs to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Charleston. If you have a claim that is straightforward and not being disputed by the insurance company or the employer, then there is a good chance you can handle things on your own. For example, you could suffer… read more

Benefits in Hiring a Worker’s Comp Lawyer in Charleston

Benefits in Hiring a Worker's Comp Lawyer in Charleston

If you have suffered an injury at work, there are many benefits in hiring a worker’s comp lawyer in Charleston. Navigating our complicated legal system is not easy and it is quite easy to become frustrated, depressed, confused and angered in the process. It simply is not a good idea to represent yourself in such… read more

What Might Happen Because You Didn’t Consider Looking into Worker’s Comp Lawyers in Charleston

what might happen

Your worker’s compensation story might not be as different from others. But then, it could be very different from others because you didn’t consider looking into worker’s comp lawyers in Charleston. A split second could change your life and if you aren’t properly represented it could make a huge difference. Here is how a work… read more

Questions That People Ask Their Worker’s Comp Lawyers in Charleston

Questions That People Ask Their Worker’s Comp Lawyers In Charlestonlawyer-advice

There are any number of questions that people ask their worker’s comp lawyers in Charleston, as they want to make sure they do everything right during the procedure. Here are a few tips to consider when you get hurt at work. Report the Injury– When we say injury, we mean to report any condition including… read more

Hiring Worker’s Comp Lawyers in Charleston for Work Related Injury

Many people wonder if it is in their best interest to look into hiring worker’s comp lawyers in Charleston for their work related injury. The simple answer is no, there may not be the need to hire an attorney if the injury is minor, like a sprained ankle or strained muscle. However, if your case… read more

If You Don’t Retain a Charleston Workers Comp Lawyer, Your Claim May Be Denied

If you have been injured on the job, you might be wondering just how much money you will receive. It might not be any if you don’t retain a Charleston workers comp lawyer as many claims are denied. Here is just a basic guideline as to how much you can expect in a settlement, these… read more

If You Have Been Denied Workers’ Comp, Our Charleston Lawyers Can Assist

When you slice of the tip of your finger working at a deli or develop an illness because of your job, workers’ compensation is there to cover your medical costs and pay you for work missed. But keep in mind your injury or illness must be due to your job. That is, you should be… read more

We are More Than Just Worker’s Comp Lawyers in Charleston

Maroney Williams Weaver-blogs-Understanding benefits

We are more than just worker’s comp lawyers, we are attorneys who are eager to represent Charleston residents in other legal matters as well. For example, we are more than happy to provide you service when filing a personal injury claim because of an auto accident. Our firm can represent you when seeking a claim… read more

Settle Your Claim With Workers Compensation Lawyers In Charleston

If you’ve been injured on the job, chances are that faulty equipment or negligence of another party is involved. If this is the case you may be entitled to compensation. Be sure to initiate a personal injury claim as soon as possible. Workers compensation lawyers in Charleston will provide legal support for your case, thereby putting you at a… read more