Social Security Disability

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Maroney, Williams, Weaver & Pancake, PLLC practices Social Security law in Charleston, as well as the entire state of West Virginia and assist clients as they make a claim for their benefits and supplemental income.

Many of our Social Security clients come directly from our workers compensation and personal injury practice. Our clients are injured workers who need financial assistance to support themselves and their families while they are struggling to cope with the burden of their injuries.

Other clients are direct referrals from past clients who were pleased with their legal services and representation. The firm also gets many first-time clients looking for guidance through the Social Security claims’ process.

Refer to our Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Income FAQs for answers to some common questions about claiming government-sponsored benefits.

Disability benefits and supplemental income

Our Social Security attorneys help clients manage claims for two types of government-sponsored financial assistance:

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) — This type of monthly income (benefits) is for disabled workers, their dependents, and surviving spouses.
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) — This type of monthly income is specifically for disabled persons with lower levels of income and assets.
The majority of claims we handle are for SSDI. Many of the people we represent have severe injuries that render them incapable of working to support themselves for a very long time, if not indefinitely.

Our role in a Social Security claim is to ensure that a claim contains all of the necessary components that prove disability. We spend a lot of time gathering adequate medical information and documentation to prove the validity of the claim.

Another asset we bring to our clients’ claims is our knowledge of the administrative process involved with filing SSDI and SSI claims. We know how to navigate through the red-tape formalities that can sometimes hold people back, i.e., unintentionally filing paperwork out of order.

We stand by our clients through their first filing and during the appeals’ process if it comes down to it.

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