Why You Need a Labor Lawyer in Charleston

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Getting compensation for an injury you suffered at work might seem like a relatively easy task. After all, when all of the facts are presented, it should be quite clear what happened. This sounds great in theory, but reality sets in and you wind up walking away with a whole lot less than expected or, perhaps, you walk away with nothing at all.

The problem isn’t always what happened to you, many times the problem is in the complicated and unclear path you must take to receive workers’ compensation. Just one misstep, a paper filed too late or a step skipped, and you will wind up having to start over. What you need to achieve success is a little guidance. What you need is a labor lawyer in Charleston. Here are a few reasons why.

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Seriously Complicated Forms

If you have ever done your own taxes, other than the standard 1040s, then you know just how complicated government forms are. Well, workers’ compensation forms are just as complicating and very difficult to understand. You will find this out the hard way, while desperately trying to understand the seemingly simple statements on the forms. The problem is you can’t because they are deceptively complicated. Workers’ compensation forms are like tax forms as they both use the language of government and administration, which is, to say the least, not always clear.

Ease Stress

When you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you have suffered an injury at work, that causes a lot of stress in your life, to say the least. And when you add in medical bills, loss of time at work and everything else, it’s no surprise that you feel at the end of your rope. Having to manage your workers’ compensation claim just might push you over the edge.

Leaving the workers’ comp claim in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney gives you peace of mind and reduces your stress level tremendously. You can actually sleep better at night knowing your claim is being handled with competence.

Fair Settlement

An insurance claim adjuster’s job is to keep the insurance payout as low as possible. Face the facts; they have absolutely no incentive to pay quickly or pay what you think you deserve. If you go at them alone, it just isn’t a fair fight. A worker’s comp lawyer will fight for you and get you the best possible settlement.

Prevent Retaliatory Action

If your employer knows you have an attorney, they are far less likely to seek any retaliatory action against you. Your attorney will ensure that you are treated fairly and respectfully throughout the whole process.

Protect Your Rights

When you attempt to handle a workers’ compensation claim all on your own, you may not be fully aware of your legal rights. And the insurance adjuster isn’t going to help your cause at all. When you have the help of an attorney, they ensure the insurance company is not treating you unfairly.




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