Benefits in Hiring a Worker’s Comp Lawyer in Charleston

Benefits in Hiring a Worker's Comp Lawyer in Charleston

If you have suffered an injury at work, there are many benefits in hiring a worker’s comp lawyer in Charleston. Navigating our complicated legal system is not easy and it is quite easy to become frustrated, depressed, confused and angered in the process. It simply is not a good idea to represent yourself in such… read more

Do Not Wait Long to Call a Qualified Worker’s Compensation Attorney

do not wait too long to call

Traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBIs, concussions and other head-related injuries can cause severe consequences that last a long time. Employers should take the proper precautions to protect workers from such injuries, though not all do. If you are a construction worker, you are at high risk for a head injury. Head Injuries at Construction Sites Although… read more

What Might Happen Because You Didn’t Consider Looking into Worker’s Comp Lawyers in Charleston

what might happen

Your worker’s compensation story might not be as different from others. But then, it could be very different from others because you didn’t consider looking into worker’s comp lawyers in Charleston. A split second could change your life and if you aren’t properly represented it could make a huge difference. Here is how a work… read more

We are More Than Just Worker’s Comp Lawyers in Charleston

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We are more than just worker’s comp lawyers, we are attorneys who are eager to represent Charleston residents in other legal matters as well. For example, we are more than happy to provide you service when filing a personal injury claim because of an auto accident. Our firm can represent you when seeking a claim… read more

Understanding the Benefits of Having a Lawyer on Your Side

If you are considering hiring a Charleston attorney to aid in your social security case, you first need to understand the benefits of having a lawyer on your side. Working with a lawyer on your social security case will make a dramatic difference. Whether you are applying for social security benefits or appealing a denied… read more

Our Charleston Social Security Attorneys Will Help You Manage Your Claim

we'll help you manage your claim

When you file for disability, the Social Security Administration will conduct a very specific analysis to determine if your condition prevents you from working. This sequential evaluation process consists of three questions within five steps. At each step, there will be a decision made based on the answer to the question. That is, depending on… read more

We are Charleston Worker’s Comp Lawyers Prepared to Fight for Your Rights

We Are Charleston Worker’s Comp Lawyers Prepared To Fight For Your Rights

There are many legitimate workmen’s compensation claims that are denied by insurers for various reasons. It is one of the main reasons these people are forced to hire an attorney to help enforce their rights. You might be wondering the reasons these legitimate claims are denied. Here is a list of reasons why a claim… read more

If You Need a Labor Law Attorney in West Virginia, Contact Us Today

If You Need A Labor Law Attorney In West Virginia

The United States Department of Labor has determined it is a little safer in the workplace for some. A report indicates 3.1 million reported nonfatal workplace injuries were reported last year from the private sector. This is down from 3.3 million in the previous year. This means the rate of incidence per 100 workers has… read more

We are Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Charleston Ready to go to Battle for You

We Are Workers’ Compensation Lawyers In Charleston Ready To Go To Battle For You

Many of you may wonder just why an employer would dispute your workers’ compensation claim. Well, it boils down to what most people consider to be the root of all evil; money. Just like any other type of insurance, your employer pays monthly premiums to provide worker’s compensation benefits. When a worker is injured, these… read more