Your Law Firm in Charleston and Hiring an Attorney

If you have been injured on the job, you might be wondering if it is worth the money and effort to get a lawyer. The answer is these cases is almost always a resounding yes. You should be very wary of going to court without proper representation.

Workers’ compensation is basically an insurance program designed to cover medical costs of workers who have been injured on the job. If you are unable to work, you should also be compensated for the time off due to injury. Most of these programs are run by the state and vary in what they cover and don’t cover.

The laws can be quite confusing and the paperwork can be complicated. This is why it is probably a good idea to hire an attorney. The Law Firm of Maroney, Williams, Weaver and Pancake, your law firm in Charleston, offers the reasons why it is a good idea to hire a workers’ comp lawyer.

Maroney Williams Weaver & Pancake CTA

Fair Settlement

The job of an insurance adjuster is to keep payouts as low as possible. They get the full support of their company in the process. Unless you have an attorney, you basically don’t have anybody on your side willing to help.

A lawyer will go after all of the money you are owed and will find the best deal for you.

Prevent Retaliation

If your employer knows that you have retained an attorney, they are much less likely to retaliate against you. Think of your lawyer as an insurance policy who is there to ensure that you are treated fairly and with respect.

Specialized Knowledge

A judge cannot tell you if a judgment is fair or unfair and the insurance company sure isn’t going to offer advice, so you need an expert in your corner fighting for you. A workers’ compensation lawyer is full of knowledge on this subject and will work diligently to get you the best possible deal.

Forms and More Forms

If you have ever done your own taxes, you know just how complicated the process can be. And those forms are hard to fill out. Even the forms that look like they are easy to fill out are deceivingly difficult.

But not to worry, your attorney knows exactly how to fill out all of the necessary forms. Your lawyer will also know which forms need to be sent and when they need to be sent. In fact, you can just sit back and let your attorney worry about all of this.

Prevent Stress

Yes, this process is long and complicated and there will definitely be some stress involved. You are already experiencing medical issues from the injury and you don’t need to put yourself through all of that. It is a far better idea to forgo some of that stress by hiring an attorney.

Prevent a Denial

You might think that you have a strong case and are surprised when it is denied. Having an expert in your corner greatly reduces the chances of denial and even if it is denied, your lawyer will appeal the case.

Give Maroney, Williams, Weaver and Pancake a call.

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