Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Charleston and Going to Court Alone

There are literally hundreds of websites devoted to people who wish to represent themselves in court. The vast majority of people in the United States have access to the internet and many people scroll Google looking for information about representing themselves in criminal, divorce and workers’ compensation cases.

The fact is that while some people might effectively represent themselves in a few cases, you should still strongly consider speaking to an attorney. In fact, you should hire an attorney. Maroney, Williams, Weaver and Pancake, your workers’ compensation lawyers in Charleston, offers some very strong reasons why you should never go to court all alone.

Maroney Williams Weaver & Pancake CTA

Too Much Television

Don’t trust what you see on television shows. Sure, you have watched countless episodes of Law & Order, Judge Judy and Brooklyn 99, but this hardly makes you an expert in law.

Even if your law background includes episodes of Boston Legal, The Practice and Better Call Saul, don’t expect the judge to drop all of the charges against you because you questioned the police’s interrogation method.

You Don’t Know the Court’s Quirks and Preferences

No doubt you have seen a television show or movie, My Cousin Vinny comes to mind, in which a lawyer finds themselves in an unfamiliar courtroom in front of a judge they don’t know and things never go right for them.

An experienced attorney knows the judges they deal with by name and understand what each judge expects in their courtroom.

You, on the other hand, don’t know anything about the judge or the manner in which you are expected to go about your proceedings. Leave all of that to an experienced attorney.

It’s Faster

In most jurisdictions, people who have attorneys are heard before everyone else. This means that if you have an attorney, you won’t have to sit there listening to all of the court cases in front of you. This is especially problematic if your name is Zack Zain.

The Judge Won’t Like It

Even though you have every right to represent yourself in court, the judge won’t like that very much. In fact, don’t be surprised at all should the judge advise you to think twice about representing yourself.

It’s not that the judge likes you or is looking out for what is in your best interest, not at all. The judge knows that there will be more time spent on having to explain things to you. That’s right, you will slow things down, and nobody is going to like or appreciate that.

Your Head Will Spin

So you decided to go pro se, but you don’t even know what that means. While you can spend some time online looking up and memorizing court terms, there will be plenty you never get to.

You might learn what citation, motion and petition mean, but you failed to learn about pretrial conference, deposition and arraignment.

If you are going to court for a workers’ compensation case, it will benefit you to hire an attorney. Call Maroney, Williams, Weaver and Pancake today.

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