Workers Comp Lawyer in Charleston and Getting Hurt at Work

workers comp and getting hurt at work

How people get hurt on the job is a major concern to insurance companies. People who get hurt on the job file under worker compensation laws and cost insurance companies a lot of money. So it seems quite obvious why insurance companies aren’t all that eager to pay you a fair price when you get hurt at work. Which is why it makes sense to call Maroney, Williams, Weaver and Pancake and hire a workers comp lawyer in Charleston should you get hurt at work.

Now, those who work for construction companies or other jobs that require working on top of buildings or other high places or work dangerous jobs like cell tower repair technicians and the like are probably reading this very carefully. But it is less likely that your typical office worker will have much interest in an article about workers compensation. This makes sense as the odds of getting hurt at work go way down when you spend your days logging numbers into a computer or answering the phone while perched at your desk.
Here is the deal: People who work in office environments aren’t immune from getting hurt at work. And while they may not sustain some of the injuries suffered by construction workers, they can hurt themselves nonetheless.

Injuries occur from mistakes that could happen anywhere, even while sitting at your desk. You could get electrocuted by a faulty electrical cord, fall from a chair that has not been well-maintained or burned by a space heater. And as we continue to work longer work weeks and push ourselves beyond exhausted, the more susceptible we are to a workplace injury.

Here are a few ways in which workers get hurt.

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Violent Acts

Yes, this is real. Attacks caused by office politics and other arguments can lead to physical injuries. Many companies now require employees to read up about workplace violence and be on the lookout for suspicious activities or words that might lead to a violent outburst.

Falling Objects

People have reported very serious injuries after getting struck by an object that fell on them. As you might guess, many of these objects fall on the victim’s head. A hard hat would be the right type of gear to wear to help keep you protected. However, wearing a hard hat in an office environment isn’t socially acceptable.

One other solution is to keep heavy object stored at lower elevations. That is, don’t stuff the top shelf full of heavy objects. This is just an accident waiting to happen.


Thousands of employees get hurt each year simply by falling or tripping while strolling through the break room to grab a cup of coffee or a pastry. We imagine that you are guilty of not really paying attention when walking through your office. All it takes to fall and hurt yourself is a slip on some spilled coffee.

Overexertion Injuries

Throughout the day, you probably reach for the stapler push your desk drawer closed and lift the printer checking to see why it isn’t working. While most of the time these actions don’t cause pain or injury, every once in awhile, someone overdoes it and hurts themselves.

Reaction Injuries

The only thing worse than hurting yourself falling on a slippery floor is hurting yourself trying to avoid falling on a slippery floor. Reaction injuries are caused when you react to a slip or fall, you prevent yourself from hitting the ground, but wind up injured anyway.

Walking Into Objects

Thousands of people get hurt each year walking into doors, glass windows, tables, chairs and even walls. The most common injuries include knee, neck and foot injuries. This is just like stubbing your toe on a chair leg at home.

Machine Entanglement

This type of injury occurs when hair or clothing gets entangled in heavy equipment or other machinery. This can happen in an office environment if you work with machines that have moving parts like copiers, paper shredders and coin counters. Your office equipment isn’t as innocent as it looks.

If you get hurt at work, you will want to contact an attorney right away. Don’t start filling out paperwork until to get advice. Give Maroney, Williams, Weaver and Pancake Law Firm a call right away.






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