Workers Comp Lawyer in Charleston and Common Work Injuries

Workers Comp Lawyer In Charleston And Common Work Injuries

You might think the worst injury you will face at work is a nasty paper cut. And you probably won’t even call any workers comp lawyers in Charleston when it happens. In fact, you can’t think of anything that might happen to you at work that would require you to file a claim. If so, consider yourself lucky because there are a lot of people out there who are in danger of hurting themselves almost every day. Here are a few more common injuries.


This is the most common work-related injury and occurs most often when a worker is lifting, pushing, gripping or pulling. Overextension causes torn and sprained muscles, back injuries and a slew of other problems.

Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motion occurs when you do the same motion for an extended period of time. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a good example of an injury that occurs as the result of repetitive motion. If you type on a keyboard, you can suffer Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Machine Entanglement

This type of injury usually occurs in a factory setting where there is a lot of heavy machinery and equipment. If you are not careful around these machines, hair, clothing and even limbs can be entangled and lead to serious injury. When around heavy equipment, don’t wear loose clothing and be extra aware of your surroundings.

Vehicle Accidents

Employees who drive as a part of their duties are sometimes injured in automobile accidents. In order to reduce the chances of getting in an accident, follow the traffic laws and be a defensive driver with all of your focus on driving and nothing else.

Falling Objects

Objects that are dropped or fall from shelves can cause serious injuries to employees. Protect yourself by focusing on your work environment and keeping hazards away from places where they might fall. Personal protection is also key here, so wear a hard hat to keep yourself safer.

Reaction Injuries

These are injuries that are caused when you slip or trip, but catch yourself before actually falling. These incidents cause body trauma, muscle injuries and other health issues. These types of injuries are difficult to prevent, but it helps if you are aware and attentive at work.

Falling From Heights

Even though these types of accidents occur from an elevated location, like a ladder or roof, they are often caused by a slip or a trip. These types of injuries can be reduced by paying attention to what you are doing, following safety procedures when on a ladder or on a roof and cleaning up any debris that might cause you to trip.

Violent Acts

Attacks caused by arguments or office politics also lead to serious injury. Workplace violence training and diligence in looking out for suspicious activities help keep these types in incidents at bay.

Now that you have seen this list, your thoughts about workplace injuries have probably changed. Before, you thought the worst injury you could get was a paper cut and now you see that you are more susceptible to a workplace injury than previously thought.






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