Reasons You Need a Workers Comp Lawyer

Accidents can be pretty common at work. Someone might break an arm falling from a ladder while someone else tweaks their back while lifting a heavy object. And there is the person who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of decades of typing.

These are three fine examples of injuries that can happen at work. They are also three examples of situations in which an attorney should be consulted. A workers compensation lawyer can help workers who are injured on the job recover compensation for their injuries, including lost wages and medical bills.

In theory, getting compensation for injured workers should be easy, but that is just not the case. You need help navigating the system. Maroney, Williams, Weaver and Pancake, your workers comp lawyers in Charleston, offers the reasons you should hire a workers compensation attorney.

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Fair Settlement

Insurance claims adjusters spend their working days keeping insurance payouts as low as possible. There just isn’t any incentive to make large payments or pay as quickly as possible. A workers comp lawyer will know when an offer is fair and will fight to ensure you get what is owed to you in a timely manner.

Prevent Retaliation

Think of hiring an attorney as an insurance policy. If your employer knows you have hired a lawyer, they will be less likely to retaliate against you. Your attorney will ensure that you are treated fairly by your employer.

Forms, Forms and More Forms

If you have ever done your own taxes in the past, you know how frustrating it can be figuring out which forms to fill out and how to fill them out. You might even think you are filling out the right forms correctly, only to find out later you made a critical mistake.

Workers compensation forms use the language of administration and government, which is far from clear.

Prevent a Denial

You might think you have a strong case, but are surprised when you are denied compensation. You might not even know that you can appeal a denial. Having an expert in your corner can prevent a denial. Even in the case of a denial, an attorney will help you appeal it.

Protect Future Needs

It is all over when your case settles. However, you need to consider what could happen in the future. If there will be future medical costs, the insurance company should have to pay for it as part of your settlement. A poorly drafted settlement can impact any future benefits. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney will ensure that your future is protected.

Reduced Stress

You are already suffering an injury, having to deal with the legal matters will just add to your stress. You already have to deal with enough stress in your life, don’t make it worse by handing this all on your own. Managing your claim may take a toll on you. Do yourself a favor and unload that claim on your attorney.

If you have had a claim denied or are applying for workers compensation, speak to a lawyer at Maroney, Williams, Weaver and Pancake today.

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