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Traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBIs, concussions and other head-related injuries can cause severe consequences that last a long time. Employers should take the proper precautions to protect workers from such injuries, though not all do. If you are a construction worker, you are at high risk for a head injury.

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Head Injuries at Construction Sites

Although hardhats are a common sight at construction sites, more needs to be done to protect workers from head injuries. A brain injury occurs when a blow or bump to the head causes an injury that disrupts the brain’s normal function. And while hardhats do provide protection, they don’t help if they are not worn or are inferior.

Head injuries at construction sites are a big problem. Researchers recently released a report on the frequency of brain injuries in the construction industry, here is what they found.

  • Head injuries accounted for almost 1/4 of construction worker deaths.
  • An average of 315 construction workers dies each year from a head-related injury.
  • Foreign-born workers and older workers are at higher risk for head injuries.
  • Smaller construction companies, with fewer than 20 employees, were more than twice as likely to suffer head injuries as compared to larger construction companies.

It is quite obvious that construction companies need to do more to better protect their workers from head injuries.

What Can Be Done

Studies have found that half of all head-related injuries occur during a fall. Working at a height is extremely dangerous and construction companies need to pay attention to the safety of their workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires construction companies to provide fall protection for all employees. The scope of worker protection depends on several factors, but in any type of situation there are actions that construction companies can take including:

  • Installing guardrails
  • Providing personal safety gear
  • Installing netting as fall-stop systems
  • What to Do if You Suffer a Head Injury at Work

If you have suffered a head injury while at work, do not wait long to call a qualified worker’s compensation attorney.





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